We are on a mission to democratize AI education around the world

The «10million.AI» project

The «10million.AI» project is a non-profit initiative providing talents across the globe with access to top-class education on AI and further digitalization fields.

Goals of «10million.AI»

Talent Development

Gender Equality

Career Opportunities

Global fairness

Two main initiators

Our Facts


People Educated


Women educated





Global Education Partners

Partners of the program

News & Success Stories

Global AI Hub: Education for all

Global AI Hub's "«10million.AI»" initiative offers digital access to interested parties around the world.

Global AI Hub & GDG Turkey

Global AI Hub and GDG Turkey have partnered for free AI courses to young people in Turkey via the 10million project.


Digital Talent Summit

The Digital Talent Summit is a global virtual event that brings together top decision-makers, leading companies, institutions, and over 5,000 tech experts to discuss trends in IT sector employment, connect with peers, and celebrate achievements in digital talent development.

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