Partners of the «10million.AI» project

As a non-profit and social good initiative the «10million.AI» project is supported by leading companies around the world.

Contributions by partners

Financial support and funding

Positive image effects due to active support of this important social good project


Partners support in reaching out to potential participants in the free courses, especially in mobilising female participants

Job opportunities

Partners can provide access to full-time and part-time jobs, project work as well as internships to apply the learnings in practice

Benefits for partners

  • Access to the talent pool of thousands of tech-focused talents with the digital employer brand
  • Creating a brand perception that gives importance to gender equality and the development of women in the field of technology
  • Creating a resounding impact by educating thousands or even hundreds of thousands of talents
  • Realizing a project that covers sustainable development goals of UNDP
  • Obtaining networking opportunities by taking part in a global AI and digitalization ecosystem

Contact us

If you are interested in becoming an active supporter and partner, please contact us!

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